Doctoral Studies

The doctoral studies are organised by the Doctoral School of the university. They are full time and research oriented, running under the supervision of a Ph.D. coordinator. The Ph.D. program includes a training part organised by the doctoral school and an individual research part. Ph.D. studies are supervised by our professors, though quite often students are supervised by teams where one of the coordinators comes from abroad from institutions with which our university has contacts. The duration of studies is three years and the student scholarships can be financed by the state, by a company, or the tuition is paid by the student.

The Electrotechnics Department offers PhD studies in the domain of Electrical Engineering.

PhD tutors/supervisors
  • Prof. dr. eng. Roman Morar
  • Prof. dr. eng. Iuga Alexandru
  • Prof dr. eng. Simion Emil
  • Prof. dr. eng. Munteanu Calin
  • Prof. dr. eng.Ciupa Radu
  • Prof dr. eng. Micu Dan
  • Prof. dr. eng. Topa Vasile